Joe's Plan for the 23rd District

What would a fresh start look like for Kern County and Tulare County?

Visionary Leadership

Our district can't be guided by leaders only interested in keeping the status quo. Business, education, law enforcement, and community leaders in Kern County are reluctant to accept and acquiesce to change because many of them have built their fortunes and future plans on keeping everything the way it is. Unfortunately, they've been destructively stagnant and misled others with regards to the future in countless ways and this has left us at a disadvantage locally, statewide, nationwide, and globally. In the past 10 years extreme poverty has doubled in Bakersfield, oil prices have collapsed, and our education centers have encouraged programs that have led to job dead ends. We're failing not just in the public health sector and oil, but in new ideas. In short, we need futuristic thinkers and leaders that have one eye on our district and another on national and global trends.

Kevin McCarthy has been leading Kern County in the Assembly and as our Congressmen for over 10 years and in that time, the gap between rich and poor has widened dramatically here. He has been looking after the interest of the rich 1% percent and now we're eating the fruits of his labor. We've failed to economically and educationally move forward because of leaders like McCarthy. We are poorly situated for the future and this comes from a direct lack of vision and leadership. Demonizing and blaming democrats doesn't make you a leader. Having a plan and leading your district towards a brighter future does. Kevin needs to go. Vote Joe!

Diversify Economy

We need to rely on a variety of industries and not just oil, energy, and agriculture to create and sustain job growth. Over 65% of the tax revenue used to fund Kern County comes from oil. If oil were to leave, our county would collapse. Housing prices would drop by 50% at minimum, the county (our number one employer) would dramatically cut jobs, and everything from education spending and social programs would be dramatically curtailed. Reliance on one industry leaves us exposed to the fate of Detroit, MI. 

In contrast to no plan Kevin, I want to build business incubators throughout the 23rd District to help cultivate new startup companies and mint new businesses. Silicon Valley is just down the street, but our leaders have paid no attention to their magic. Their isn't an incubator in our entire district. If you don't have an existing business making money, good luck finding a loan to start something new. We need leaders that concentrate on bringing new capital to support entrepreneurship in our district. We need to not only honor vets and law enforcement, but innovators and creatives. 

Expand Education

We need to train our kids from the time they're small to be equipped for jobs of the future. We need federal funds and private schools to improve STEM education and go beyond it. For example, let's provide parents enrolling their children in the first grade with an option to check a box for medicine, programming, or robotics. If a parent checks a box for medicine, then their child will receive an additional hour of instruction in medicine after school. This will eventually equip students with the framework to move on to become nurses or doctors. Not only would this be great for kids, but help reduce our national doctor deficiency and enlighten kids about health.

Over 75% of jobs making less than $20 an hour will be eliminated in just 10-15 years. This would include truck drivers, tellers, clerks, and sales staff in countless industries. When you walk into Lowes soon, you'll be met by a robot that will guide you to the item you're looking for. When you go to pay for your goods, you'll either do it by self-check-out, or be helped by someone responsible for 20 self-checkout stands. You can already see the self checkout stands everywhere. Look at McDonald's, Home Depot, and even the post office to name a few. Rather than poor energy and resources into drug testing mothers on welfare, let's train them online for futuristic jobs like programming the robots. Kevin McCarthy has no plan for this district. I do. Vote Joe Aleman for Congress and lets' get started. All of these efforts to revise and improve education need to be integrated into our schools and colleges immediately. Over 50% of our district lives pay check to pay and in poverty. 

Take Back Communities

We've given up on certain parts of town and cities. These areas tend to breed costly crime. We need innovations to help citizens take back their neighborhoods and reward their efforts to support law enforcement. I've designed a mobile app that will allow people to anonymously report crimes like sex-trafficking, drug labs, and murders. If a tip results in a drug bust, let's anonymously give the tipster 10% of the money ceased in the raid. As a congressman, I would push for Federal funds to support a bounty program. This would reduce the cost of law enforcement locally. We must also invest in clean up and rebuilding efforts. Let's use Lerdo inmate labor and court ordered community service participants to paint districts they destroyed.

Empower Christian Churches

We need to help churches develop charter schools and daycare centers. This will cut back on education and state child care costs and improve the framework of children being taught they're evolved apes in public school. Christian churches provide a spiritual, moral,  and ethical foundation unlike any other institution in the world. We need to empower churches and not celebrate their decline or submission to laws restricting their freedom of speech.  

I've also drafted an app that directs the needs of communities towards local churches and helps them to network as well. When cities support and rely on churches to help with community needs it cuts down on costly government intervention. Elderly people for instances need help with basic aid at times and rather than calling 911 or relying on expensive services that cost insurance companies rates to rise, let's use Christian Churches to bare the burden. They're eager to help and only need red tape cut to empower them in many ways.

Middle Class Support

Everyone wants to be middle class. America was built on this ideal. Every decision made by me as a congressman will be viewed through the lens of the middle class and below. The rich have many voices in Washington, too many voices. The middle class has been decimated by NAFTA, manacle corporations, and illegal immigration. While corporations avoid Federal taxes by setting up offshore schemes in Ireland and the Cayman Islands, the middle class has been forced to pick up the tab. The middle class is fed up with Kevin McCarthy's empty rhetoric and want reduced taxes and regulations to provide them with a little relief. They also hate being pitted against Chinese companies that have government aid or are owned by the government. We get tariff penalties shipping goods into China, but they can freely ship everything here? The same thing goes for South Korea. Why don't we help small businesses expand before we tackle healthcare or costly wars? Keeping campaign promises will help the middle class, not defense spending and tax cuts for the rich.

What happened to asking all these countries to start paying us for free military defense? Funds collected from Japan, South Korea, NATO, and Germany for all our military support, should be used to subsided healthcare or reduce our debt. Kevin McCarthy wants to see our healthcare premiums raised while doing nothing to crackdown on countries and corporations that abuse the middle class. I'm not against big business, I'm against big business in bed with the government because that leads to corruption, favoritism, and monopolies. 

In the case of the Obamacare repeal and replacement bill, it looks to be a disaster for the middle and lower class. Kevincare doesn't reduce premiums, cut healthcare costs, or cover everyone. This is the most important piece of legislation in U.S history. Why is Kevin giving tax breaks to the rich in his healthcare plan and slamming the middle class and seniors with high premiums? 

Legislate Compassionately

As a Pragmatic Republican I believe in small government, fiscal conservatism, minimal regulation, strong defense, hard work, family, faith, freedom of speech, and the right to bare arms.  Nevertheless, it is important for any congressional legislator to remember that he or she represents a district and the districts deficiencies and desires provide the agenda. We must not consider 60% of the 23rd District unworthy of having a voice simply because they can't write $2,700 campaign donation checks at the drop of a dime. It has been said that we are only as strong as our weakest link. Our weak links include Ridgecrest, Porterville, Lancaster, Tulare, and many other small cities suffering from a lack of good paying jobs. 

Unfortunately, Kevin must first grow a heart for all communities and not just Seven Oaks before he can champion the needs of our district. Why has Kevin McCarthy ignored the poor districts and favored the rich and elite ones? Aren't Christians suppose to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep ones self from being corrupted by the world? Fighting to stop abortion is great, but not caring about children already born is hypocritical. We need more fundraisers to equip districts with streets they can be proud of and not for political parties seeking to pay no taxes and push that responsibility onto the middle class. Let's invest in American communities that are suffering the most, and not just write them off as leeches of the state. Countless people make bad choices they wish they could reverse; some led to children- others to addiction; others to divorce and addiction to prescription drugs. 

To hear more about my Fresh Start vision, please feel free to contact me directly for coffee or join us at a townhall. 

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