Joe's Innovation Agenda for the 23rd District

People will ask what I have to offer as a congressman. Why should we elect Joe Aleman and part ways with Kevin McCarthy? Well, here is an image I made to highlight my agenda for this district. I want to create an innovation ecosystem to help students and entrepreneurs engage the new economy. Dreams and ideas need to be valued and uplifted in Bakersfield. We need to support startup companies through funding, mentoring, and by helping them build teams. If we remain stagnant globalization and automation will leave us with low paying jobs and ill-prepared children. We need a leader with eyes fixed on our future and not just the future of wall street and the GOP. I hope to launch the nations first Automation Park that will be equipped with a giant drone race track, an active 3D Home Printer, and robotics learning center. Incubators will also be planted throughout the district to serve as networking hubs and new company launch pads. Dream with me Kern County and let's secure a future for our children and young adults. If you've ever had a business idea, but felt you lacked support in our area, then you should Vote Joe in 2018. 

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